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Surrounded By Convenience 24/7

Surrounded By Convenience 24/7 - Azure Ala Moana

Aside from the many conveniences that come from living in the heart of it all, residents at Azure are also surrounded by 24/7 businesses. When counting sheep just isn’t working for you, there will always be a variety of things to do at any hour of the day only steps from your front door. Plus, enjoy a peace of mind as you explore your neighborhood knowing that Azure has a 24-hour attended reception desk coupled with secured entry and controlled access.

655 Keeaumoku St. | 1 minute walk
Grill up your own late-night snack at Honolulu hotspot, Sikdorak. Dine on pork belly, bulgogi, and tons of your favorite KBBQ meats until the sun comes up.

1488 Kapiolani Blvd. | 1 minute walk
This drugstore chain is conveniently located directly across the street from your future home. Needing to wait ’til morning to pick up household necessities is a thing of the past for Azure residents.

700 Keeaumoku St. | 1 minute walk
When those late night cravings hit, now the only thing you need to do is walk across the street to Walmart to get your favorite pint of ice cream and be back in bed faster than ever.

805 Keeaumoku St. | 3 minute walk
While this Korean restaurant isn’t open 24/7, they are open for 24 hours on the weekends. They offer you the option to cook your own food but if that’s not your style they also have appetizers, sushi, and main entrees, too.

Don Quijote
801 Kaheka St. | 7 minute walk
This Japanese convenience store is a few blocks away. With groceries, household items, and more, you’ll be sure to get everything you need during your after-hours shopping trip.