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Countdown ‘Til Completion

October 29, 2020

The final floors of the tower are being poured this month and next, which means there will only be a few weeks to go until Azure is “topped off”!

If you’ve ever wondered how the many floors of a high-rise tower are erected, one of the crucial pieces of equipment used is a table form, also known as a flying form.

Shown in the video above, these massive, pre-assembled floor slabs are “flown” into place by the tower crane. It’s quite a sight!

Once they’re lowered into place, plywood, steel, rebar, plumbing lines, and more are laid out, and the concrete is than poured. The table form helps hold the weight of it all until the concrete hardens and the floor slab is set. Then the construction team does it all again for the next floor, at a rate of about one floor per week!

In other construction news this month, installation of appliances and flooring within the residences has begun, as well as work on the residential elevators. These homes are coming together beautifully.

To learn more about the residences at Azure, schedule an appointment with a member of our sales team by calling (808) 517-6708.