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Construction Update: Laying the Framework for the Future

Construction Update:  Laying the Framework for the Future - Azure Ala Moana

A lot happens before the tower starts going up!

When constructing a high-rise, a lot needs to happen at or below ground level. In fact, this is one of the most critical and significant times in the course of a project. Here’s the latest happenings on-site, straight from our general contractor, Albert C. Kobayashi.

Right now, if you pass Azure Ala Moana you’ll notice a drill and two cranes working together to embed steel sheet piles 20 to 30 feet below the surface, outlining the deepest portions of the tower foundation. These sheet piles will eventually be used during excavation to hold back both dirt and the water table, creating a safe and dry work space for foundation construction. And in the coming weeks, our construction crew will begin production of the approximately 270 auger piles that your future home will sit on. They are installed by rotating a hollow shaft into the ground anywhere from 60 to 105 feet deep! Then, high-strength grout is pumped through the hollow shaft and a reinforcing cage is dropped into the hole as well.

Now is also the time when many of the key utilities that you’ll use once you move in are being routed and coordinated with one another, including plumbing, electrical conduits, and water service. This is to ensure that everything is in working order before construction starts moving vertical. A process like this is no easy feat, and our highly skilled team builds the various systems using digital 3-D models to ensure that everything is accurate.

You can look forward to vertical work, starting on the second floor, coming early this fall. If you would like to see the work in progress in real time pay us a visit at our Sales Gallery!

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