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Construction Update: February 2020

Construction Update: February 2020 - Azure Ala Moana

If you’ve driven down Keeaumoku Street this week, you may have seen our construction team hard at work on levels five through seven of the structure. They’ve been busy since initially breaking ground last April, building your future homes with care and consideration.

Pictured above are the steel cages that will soon help form the tower’s concrete walls and columns. This type of “steel cage construction,” also called “skeleton construction,” is common in high-rise buildings. Its well-connected framework is capable of carrying the weight of the tower’s floors, walls, roof and every other part of the building and transmitting it to the foundation through the columns and beams.

Another important piece of machinery is the concrete pump, which transports liquid concrete from the street-level through tubes to where it’s needed on the job site. Before the concrete pump revolutionized the construction of high-rises, cranes were employed to lift large buckets of concrete to the different floors. This is a much faster and more efficient way to build today’s towers.

An exciting milestone happening this month is the installation of what is commonly known as the manhoist elevator. This is what will be used to transport the crew and materials vertically in a safe and speedy manner…without having to climb all those stairs! As the tower continues to grow, be on the lookout for the floor number labels on the manhoist doors, visible from the Sales Gallery and surrounding streets.

If you’re interested in living at Azure, visit our Sales Gallery located on the 14th floor of the Pacific Guardian Tower. Learn all about the conveniences that come with being in the heart of it all, and get a live look at our construction team putting your future home up from a bird’s eye view. You can also check out our Instagram page for weekly construction images @AzureAlaMoana.