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Azure Floor Plan A-7 Feng Shui Analysis

Azure Floor Plan A-7 Feng Shui Analysis - Azure Ala Moana

Feng shui is based on creating ultimate harmony in the environment. It is a method to enhance and manage the energy of the space so that it better supports those living there. Feng shui begins with the structure and shape of the home – the foundational template upon which all inhabitants are affected. It then looks at how to optimize the space so that those who live there have the maximum amount of support and ease physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


In analyzing the A-7 floor plan, the first thing I noticed is the enhanced “wealth corner” of the master bedroom area. This means that the space that governs money and blessings is energized in this plan. When there is a positive emphasis on the wealth area, it enhances anything to do with the abundance the inhabitants wish to create. As well, the living room is positioned centrally supporting and symbolizing peace and happiness for the whole family.





#1: THE ENTRANCE: In the A-7 residence, the best type of image to hang on the left wall, is a large image of any type of picture or art that has “depth-perception” – so a landscape or a beautiful vista. Pretend the wall can turn into a window and place an inspiring view there. This will open up the energy flow of the entire space.


#2: STOVE: The stove is where money and abundance is generated. It is the base of nurturing of the inhabitants. Place a large mirror above the stove to “double the wealth” and open up opportunities as well as give the person cooking the power position advantage by being able to see behind them.


#3: BED POSITION: The beds must be placed in a position of power for those living there to have protection and security. These rooms are perfectly constructed to place the beds in the best position. This allows the person to see the door from the bed, a very important principle in feng shui.



Alice Inoue is an expert in feng shui, works as a life guide and is the author of seven nationally award-winning books on feng shui, life wisdom and happiness.  She had an award-winning column in the Star-Advertiser for seven years on feng shui, and currently has two columns in Hawaii’s two largest publications. Through her company Happiness U, she helps individuals live more inspired in both their professional and private lives.