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Newer is Better: Upgrade Your Condo Today

July 1, 2019

Newer is Better: Upgrade Your Condo Today - Azure Ala Moana

Looking for a fresh start in a new home? Trade in your older condominium for a brand-new home at one of Midtown’s newest boutique residential towers.

Here are a few reasons to make the move today:

1. Amenities for your urban lifestyle. With a new condo comes new, more updated amenities that help make life all the more convenient. At Azure Ala Moana, residents will enjoy a resort-style amenities package including a state-of-the-art gym, club room to host gatherings, a stadium-seating movie theater, and four guest suites for visiting family and friends.

2. Save on maintenance fees. Older buildings typically see their maintenance fees going up to keep up with rising costs to care for aging facilities. At Azure Ala Moana, residents can expect to pay reasonable maintenance fees of just $0.85 per square foot.

3. Security. You and your family will feel safer when you’re at home and away with 24-hour security. The building’s reception desk is always attended by trusted staff, and all entries are secured and controlled.

4. Location, location, location. Azure’s location in the heart of Midtown Ala Moana means you’ll be in close proximity to many of your favorite shops, restaurants, and services, as well as have convenient access to major retailers like Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and Target.

5. Move in sooner. With construction already in the works, residences are on track to be move-in ready by 2021–sooner than other projects in the area. Much of the underground work is now underway and vertical construction of the building is scheduled to begin this fall.

If you’re thinking about calling Azure Ala Moana home, visit our Sales Gallery today. Our one-bedroom residences recently sold out, and we expect others to follow soon.